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About BookLawyer

BookLawyer Increases A Law Firm’s Profitability While Adding Client Value And Improving The Firm’s Competitive Position

Efficiency Increases A Law Firm’s Profitability

BookLawyer increases a law firm’s profitability by reducing the learning curve for associates. A reduced learning curve requires fewer write-offs of billed hours and electronic legal research charges—and an improved bottom line for the firm.

BookLawyer also provides valuable assistance to experienced lawyers who need to re-familiarize themselves with the law in preparation for trial, or before advising a client, or making or responding to a motion.

Efficiency Adds Client Value And Improves A Law Firm’s Competitive Position

BookLawyer reduces a law firm’s cost of conducting legal research and motion practice. This efficiency adds client value and improves a law firm’s competitive position in the legal market.